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My name is Dave Keibler, and it is an honor to serve as the elementary principal at Leechburg Area School District.  Our focus at the elementary building to addresses not only the academic needs of our students but also the social, emotional and physical needs.  We have many programs in place to maximize the learning of students in grades pre-k – fifth grade.  We use the Journey series as a resource to teach the ELA curriculum and the Go Math series to support our math curriculum.  In kindergarten through second grade, our classroom teachers and reading specialists use the Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI) program developed through the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon.  This system provides Tier 1 and 2 instructions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of reading instruction in kindergarten, first, and second grade.  Students in grades 3-5 receive education in a departmentalized setting, allowing teachers to master their instructional practice in one specialized subject.  The building has established a What I Need (WIN) Time to differentiate instruction for all students.  While some students are receiving remediation for a particular skill, others may be reinforcing that skill or being accelerated into new avenues of learning.  All elementary students participate in a special area class that rotates on a five-day rotation.  These classes include physical education, music, art, library, and computer classes.  During the 2019-2020 school year, we implemented the School-Wide Positive Behavior program to recognize students who follow the rules and meet the expectations set forth for our students.  We have weekly drawings to identify these students, as well as a principal 100 board, to give the students a celebration to look forward to each month.  Communication is the key to a student’s success in the elementary grades, and I ask everyone to please call if there is ever a question or concern with anything at our building.  


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David Keibler, Ed. D

Elementary Principal / Federal Program Coordinator / Curriculum Director

Leechburg Area School District

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724-845-6071, ext. 109